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How do you know this idealistic, high-minded miracle tool isn't actually some kind of sophisticated undercover mind-control propaganda tool?

This page seeks to assure you it's not by showing you as much information as possible. Here's a list of every book in our system right now. And here's a link to recent suggestions we've received and how we've handled them.

Below, you can see how our collection is distributed across time, languages, and topics.

Fiction v Nonfiction

Organic v Featured

Books published within the past 1 year are charged a small fee to be included in our database. We do this to prevent abuse (i.e., authors spamming our suggestions list) & to make a little bit of money while helping our users discover tomorrow's classics.

Featured works are strictly limited to 10% of our total collection.

Original Publication Years

Pre-Modern Era (3500 BC - 1700 AD)

Modern Era (1700 AD - Present)

Book Topic Distribution

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