Privacy Policy

100 Million Books is especially committed to user privacy. Our commitment aligns well with that of the American Library Association, as articulated in their Library Bill of Rights and Interpretation (as they were written in September 2017).

In general, we don't want your data. 100 Million Book is a data provider, and its users are data consumers—not the other way around.

Information We Collect: App

We collect a little bit of data to understand how our service is being used:

Our apps don't collect any other data.

Information We Collect: Website

We use Google Analytics on the website to measure vital performance metrics (mainly traffic & conversions).

How We Use This Information

All the information we collect, as anonymous and vague as it is, is kept in strict confidence. We don't work with any ad networks or third-party services for the app. Otherwise, the site uses Google Analytics, and our form for suggesting books uses Google Forms.